Comapany Introduction


Mass is a marketing company that manages digital and physical markets for Nepali and foreign products in the Nepali market. Along with the increasing modernity in recent times, the digital market is also becoming very attractive in the Nepali market. Keeping this fact in mind, Multiple Advance Sales and Suppliers Pvt. Ltd. of Nepal with the aim of delivering all the necessary household items to the homes of every Nepali. Ltd. The company that came into operation is Mass.

Company Details:

Company Name: Multiple Advance Sales & Suppliers Pvt. Ltd.
Address: Kathmandu Metropolitan 32 Jadibuti, kathmandu
Contact No: +977-9851109772, 9860286509,981802626579
Email: [email protected]
Company Registration No: 248751
Company Registry Office: Tripureshwor, Kathmandu
Permanent Account No (PAN): 609864993


Multiple Advanced Sales and Suppliers has been moving forward in this field with the main goal of fulfilling your dream of building an attractive home for a long time with the initiative of IT experts, interior designers, business administrators and skilled technicians in Nepal. Our main goal will be to bring all the domestic and foreign home decoration materials, which are increasing day by day in the Nepali market, through dealers and sub-dealers in the homes of every Nepali. Our main plan will be to develop a direct cell system to reduce the business mechanism and exorbitant prices in Nepal that a consumer has been suffering from. We have moved forward by providing services by creating a collective business plan for the dealers and sub-dealers who will be
associated with us.

Available Materials

1. Korean Seepage Wall Foam
2. Chinese wall foam
3. Wallpapers of all brands
4. Artificial grass
5. Fruit ceiling
6. Parke ting
7. Office furniture
8. Partition bar

We are not producers, we are market managers. We want to bring Nepali products to the world, bring them to Nepal together and aim. Our major endeavor is to establish ourselves as a leading company in time management of Nepali products.

Marketing Plan 2021


  • To make at least 7 state dealers in Nepal this month
  • To become an agent in all the districts of the state through state dealers and to be transformed into a company that can serve Nepali citizens in verydistrict by 2021.
  • To provide service directly to the customer through agent at affordable price
  • To realize the goal of being proud be Nepali, to bring at least
  • readymade garments from Nepali Garment to the Nepali market with the logo of Mass.